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Who are we?

Carl Vinson is devoted to exhibition stand designs and building-up service for global customers. Our designs are characterized with authenticity, fashion and art. Our head office is in Hangzhou with branches in cities accross China Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Meanwhile we have stand-build teams in America and many European countries. We have rich experiences of cooperating with customers at home and abroad. Our staff is always at your service.

We follow the concept of Exhibition Identity as to provide customised and creative designs that represent culture of company. It is ideal to use unified style for a year or more to save cost for customers, but more important for forming and intensifying a unique simbol for the brand and company.

Our marketing mode : base on cultural creation, use 3D Max, chain the concept design and contruction to achieve service globalization.

Carl Vinson, a newly thriving exhibition designing company becomes one of the most competitive messe company with its advanced ideology and professional service, which is now the nominated stand builder for hundreds of exhibition organisers and achieving high reputation in the exbition business.

Our idea

Corporate culture is the vane of enterprise development, which inherits the meaning, direction, goals and value pursuit of the company.

Carl Vinson’s basic values are built on the basis of years of continuous development. It shows Carl Vinson’s common cognitive system and habitual behavior, which inspires the Carl Vinson family to work hard. It is the foundation of Carl Vinson's success, and also the fundamental force of Calvinson's sustainable development.

Carl Vinson put mission, goal, vision, style and logo as important parts of its' culture, which reflects specifically Carl Vinson how to combine present and future, which is the common goal of Carl Vinson family.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Build IE system and spread our brand with stands
  • Our Goal

    Our Goal

    Let customers get more orders from exihibitions.
  • Our Style

    Our Style

    Careful, fast and honest
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Spread Our Stands to The World
Our advantages
  • Full Range of Brand Service


  • Diverse Professional Team


  • Seven Stages of the Brand

    准备 探索与研究 品牌策略
    概念发展 验证 执行 评估.

  • Brand Experience

    中粮集团 中国五矿集团 中信证券 大悦城 海底捞 清华大学 北京大学 知己健康 麦瑞通 普发动力 康本源 阳光河谷 沙漠春 天宜医院.

Our customers


Thank you for coming to Calvinson Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd. If you have any intention of cooperation, please leave us a message or use the following method to contact us, we will reply to you as soon as possible, and provide you with the most sincere service, thank you.




10th Floor, Leidisen Fortune Center, 108 Xinbei Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China

Our working time is from Monday to Friday (08:30am-5:30pm)




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